Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow day

I love snow days.... Well, snow days when I don't have to work. We always go for a walk if we can, but today was a lazy morning in pajamas. I stayed in bed crocheting for far too long, but it was the perfect project.

Angie from Le monde de Sucrette has been posting wonderful photos of her stripey blankets, and while I usually stick to granny squares, I thought I could have a go at a v-stitch blanket. I had some Brava Bulky from KnitPicks , but not enough to finish. So I put in an order for more and got started. 

I'm officially addicted. There's something so gratifying about reaching the end of a row and starting a new color. It's soft and warm and perfectly squishy. I've finished all the yarn I have for now, but my order is on the way. In fact, according to the tracking, it's sitting in the post office across town! I'll have to wait until at least Monday to get my hands on it.  

So I wait... I guess I'll start a new project while I stare at the snow. 

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