Friday, October 24, 2014

Handmade Fall: October 2014 Etsy Wishlist

I have a pumpkin spice wax melt going, a hot cup of cider, and I'm about to sit down and watch Hocus Pocus. I love this season! I know a lot of the focus is on Halloween, but I wanted to focus on decor that can stay up for all of October AND November. 

I want to hang these all over my living room.... with flameless candles of course. 
I'm pretty clumsy. Let's not tempt fate. 

Fall Subway Art Pillow by Festive Home Decor
I am a huge sucker for subway art. Plus it has all of my favorite fall things! 

Gold Maple Leaf Hair Pin by Luxe Buffalo
I have no words. I just want this in my possession ASAP. 
I'll wear it everyday, I promise. 
Please and thank you. 

Maple Leaf Stamp by Japanese Rubber Stamps
Maple leaves on everything!

Mini Book Pumpkins by HBixby Artworks
I would totally try this as a DIY but I could never willingly cut into a book. Even one I hate. 
I'd probably cry. So I'll let these guys do it for me! 

Birch Log Pillows by Plantillo
Ok, hear me out. I don't have a fireplace, which is a bit of a fall requirement. 
So I'm thinking a few of these piled on a chair with a snuggly orange knit blanket to bring that cozy fireside cheer to my rather cramped 1-bedroom apartment. 

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