Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 2014: Moments

My favorite memories of each month. I often feel like there are moments I know I don't want to forget, but then life happens and they slip by. This is my way of remembering the little moments of each month (and maybe some big moments, too).

1. Going to see Frozen for the 2nd time, and listening to the little boy next to us retell the whole movie to his mom during the end credits. It was the most adorable thing. 

2. Spur of the moment dates at our favorite pho restaurant (2 this month!). 

3. Snowy days spent in PJs.

4. Making our reservations for dinner at the Be Our Guest Restaurant for when we go to DisneyWorld in June. It's finally real. 

5. Purchasing Teddy, and going forward with our plans to make our house a home.

6. Card games and hot cocoa with our neighbors. 

7. Thrift shopping with my parents and hanging out with my dog (who lives with them). 

8. Wearing my new red boots from Modcloth. It's amazing how happy looking down at the bright pop of color on my feet could make me. 

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